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Gideon Croft
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Who you are, how you've found me, matters not. What matters is that the knowledge gained is spread, not lost. Gideon Croft is likely a name you have never heard of before; and with good reason. While at one time a promising mortal scientist, he was Embraced by an unknown Tremere, and his talents turned towards the scientific study of the vampiric.

Many of you - espcecially among the Kindred - would scoff at such a thing. Not to worry, I've heard it before. The phrase "science of vampirism" has been ridiculed before, and will most likely continue to be laughed at. But for those with open minds, with the willingness to read and learn, such a science may prove a road to great power - or great doom. The information presented here is powerful; the reader is advised to proceed with caution.


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